As†ral Ca†s

by Cretin Dilettante

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Astral Cats
Strut through the cosmos
Every Rodent is a star
Until it is flayed
By glowing teeth

"The experimental soundscapes on Astral Cats will confuse you. It is not cohesive. It is not of a direction and you will find it hard to pigeon hole Cretin Dilettante’s sound. Some call this cross-over, but in the melting pot that is now there is and will be nothing that is pure grade….just infused concoctions laced with multiple genres."


released November 7, 2012

Cover art and design by Cretin Dilettante.

Special thanks to Skull Incision and Luke Lund for their collaborative magick.

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Cretin Dilettante Denton, Texas

An Idiot with a laptop.

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Track Name: Skull Incision, Cretin Dilettante - Caduceus
Drink the blood
That's drawn for prayer
Lamb of God
It should be feared
Gnawing fingers
Like a communion meal
Strip your hands down to the bone

Sharpened teeth
Have been grind-ed down
Tongue split in two
You take the shape
of your enemies

Fear and loathing
of your self
Can't stand to look
So you shed your shell

Now you're bleeding from the eyes
The Holy Ghost's possessed you blind

Can't look up to watch the sun rise
Left in the's time to DIE

I hear their burning chants...
The smell of fear lost in the fire
The air of death consumed by smoke
...the torments of morality
The working class are kindle

Silence the wailing Wall Street
The moan of money can still be heard
where the seas are dry and the love is scarce...

They trapped it in concrete towers enclosed in steel
Just to keep us out

The pyre dies down, now we're left in the dark.